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Information About Middletown Alcohol Addiction Programs

Life may seem bleak at times if you are struggling with alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction and is now recognized as a disease. As such, the stigma surrounding addiction should hopefully subside and not be a reason afflicted individuals do not seek help. At Middletown alcohol addiction programs, you are never alone on the road to recovery. The dedicated staff cares about every patient and wants to see them succeed.

Middletown alcohol addiction programs specialize in a wide variety of addictions. Addiction is a disease (of the body and mind). As with other diseases, such as, asthma and diabetes, addiction is a relapsing disease. The addicted individual is capable of being treated, but relapse is always a possibility. During rehab, the patient will learn what the root cause of their addiction is and learn how to cope with it.


Depending upon how far down the rabbit hole you have gone, you may need to undergo detox before entering a rehab program. Overcoming alcohol addiction is no easy feat-- let alone, without help. Cravings are, indeed, challenging. Once the individual sips their last sip, withdrawal can begin as soon as six hours after. For the cases where withdrawal symptoms are too unmanageable, medical detox is available.

Middletown alcohol addiction programs offer medically assisted detox to those who need it. During this process, symptoms are managed with the aid of medication administered by a medical professional. Another feature that is critical -- is that the staff is there to monitor you all day and night to assure you are comfortable and safe.

Do You Have a Problem?

If you are wondering if you (or someone that you care about) is an alcoholic, read below. If you meet two of any of the following criteria, please contact

Middletown alcohol addiction therapy because you may be suffering from alcoholism. In the past year, have you:

  • Given up on activities that you were interested in in order to drink?
  • Experienced a strong need or urge to consume alcohol (craving)?
  • Ended up drinking more than or longer than you originally intended to?
  • Spent a lot of time nursing hangovers or spent a lot of time drinking?
  • Wanted to quit drinking more than once (or tried) but could not?
  • Noticed that drinking (or being sick from drinking) has interfered with your job or family?
  • Kept drinking even though it is an issue with your friends and family?
  • Engaged in risky behavior (unsafe sex, driving) but did not give it a second thought because you were drunk?
  • Noticed that alcohol use makes you feel depressed or anxious but you drink anyway?
  • That your tolerance is very high compared to what it used to be?
  • You begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when the alcohol wears off?

Health Concerns

Do not wait to seek addiction help. Alcoholism is a very dangerous addiction. Being an alcoholic brings with it a whole host of health problems. Your heart can be affected by alcoholism in the following ways:

  • Arrhythmias
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiomyopathy

Middletown alcohol addiction programs know that alcohol has a grave effect on the liver as well. Liver inflammation, cirrhosis, fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and steatosis are all side effects that alcohol have on your liver. If you are struggling with alcoholism, please seek addiction help.

Overconsumption of alcohol -- on a single occasion -- can weaken the immune system of the individual for up to twenty-four hours. Alcoholics are vulnerable to getting pneumonia and tuberculosis. Do not suffer alone -- do not destroy your body any further. Please contact Middletown alcohol addiction therapy to begin your journey on the road to sobriety. It may seem difficult -- even impossible, but with the proper support, you can do it.





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