Heroin Addiction in Middletown, NJ

Statistics by the DEA report a tripling in heroin abuse over the past decade. Overdose deaths attributable to heroin have tripled the same period, as well. Addiction to heroin is dangerous. For those involved with this drug, it's important to plan escape as early as possible. Our center for heroin addiction in Middletown works hard with patients to help them leave behind addiction to this drug, one of the most powerfully addictive in existence.

If you hope to stop allowing heroin to control your life, a call to Middletown Drug Rehab centers can make for a very good start.

How Does Heroin Use Affect You?

Pure heroin is often seen as the drug of choice among the "cool" and the wealthy. The fact that it doesn't require intravenous administration makes it easy for users to see their involvement as fun and recreational, rather than hardcore and depressing.

When heroin reaches the brain, it binds to neurotransmitters in the brain's reward center that are responsible for feelings of well-being. A rush of pleasure follows then, together with a rise in sensory numbness and a slowing down of reflexive function. Such artificial activation of the brain's reward center results in a number of long-term effects.

Prolonged exposure to heroin can thin out brain matter, and lower cognitive and emotional ability. The brain adapts to the presence of heroin, and loses ability to function without it. It is the appearance of this state of dependence that sets mere heavy use of heroin apart from actual addiction. It is dependence, in particular, that leads to the problem of heroin withdrawal.

Heroin Withdrawal

When the brain becomes accustomed to the presence of heroin, it is no longer able to regulate the reward center on its own. When attempts at terminating heroin use are made, the brain can slip into crisis as it attempts to restart regulation. For several days after the last dose of heroin is taken, withdrawal symptoms such as extreme bouts of craving, insomnia, bone aches, and agitation begin to present themselves. Addicts often lose all self-control in drug-seeking behavior, finding it impossible to stick to a withdrawal plan.

It takes a scientifically managed program such as the one for heroin addiction in Middletown, to assist in patients' recovery. Our center drug detox in Middletown offers the best treatment during the detox process, as we ease all of the withdrawal symptoms so that the patient won't suffer.

Why Seek a Rehab for Heroin Addiction?

Individual assessment of each patient is the first sign of a well-designed heroin rehab program. Stock heroin addiction treatment programs do not adequately address the complications involved in individual cases, and often fail as a result. Individual assessment looks closely at each patient for possible signs of mental disorder. Family histories of addiction and shortcomings in health are considered, as well.

Each one of these steps is important. The presence of a mental disorder is common, and requires special treatment. Patients with long exposure to heroin or other drugs could be in poor physical state, and may require careful treatment to prevent shock to the vital organs.

Scientifically run programs treat the person behind the addiction, rather than the addiction itself. This means that they do not simply concern themselves with the immediate symptoms of addiction through the application of a detox program. Instead, they adequately educate the patient on the need for long-term psychological care and counseling. They help them address behavioral, emotional, and cognitive issues through a variety of therapeutic approaches.

These details truly help heroin addiction recovery in the long term. Heroin addiction rehab done too quickly, or without sufficient attention to detail, usually fails. Relapse rates are as high as 90% when such detailed care is not in place.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Considering the added cost involved in inpatient treatment, it is understandable that patients would often consider the possibility of using outpatient treatment. It can be a risky move, however. The turmoil of heroin withdrawal can be too great for people in a vulnerable state to be able to manage. Chances of abandonment of treatment are considerable, but our inpatient rehab in Middletown is the best course of action for your addiction.

For patients who have used heroin for several months, inpatient treatment is the only truly viable option. If the presence of a mental disorder in addition to addiction is a possibility, as it often is, inpatient treatment, again, is highly recommended. The complications involved can be too great for management on an outpatient basis.

Finding good heroin addiction rehab isn't easy. There are many rehab programs that are not scientifically up-to-date and offer inadequate treatment. It can help to talk to an expert about your options. It would be wise to call us at our center for heroin addiction in Middletown. Our experts would be happy to help you. (848) 456-5093

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